ECD Roadmap to Success

The following is ECD Energy Corp's step-by-step, month-to-month business plan.

November 2022

Staging Month

* Set Future Goals, Road Map Preparation, and obtain Attorney Opinion Letter * Design and Development of the ECD Token Website * ECD Payment Token Launch (11/30/22)

DEC 2022 - JAN 2023


* Promotion Through Partnerships and Affiliates * Building Team for Future Projects * Influencer Promotion

FEB - MAR 2023


* Team Expansion

APR - MAY 2023

Protoype - Research and Development

* Start the build of Prototype * Launch of Research and Development Lab

JUN - JULY 2023

Small Nationally Charted US Bank

* Commence Acquisition of a Small Nationally Chartered US Bank

AUG - SEP 2023

Start Manufacturing

* Start Manufacturing of Residential Device

OCT - NOV 2023

Launch of Global Foundation

* Commence acquisition of an existing Swiss Company operating as a “semi” bank with a full Asset and Portfolio Management license currently processed directly with FINMA and with current SRO licensing.

Who is ECD Energy Corp and what is the ECD Device?

ECD Energy Corp is an innovative technology-driven company that is working to manufacture a new generation energy device named an “Electro-kinetic Combination Drive” (ECD). ECD Energy Corp has a patent pending for a new type of energy device like none before it. The company calls it a “Electro-kinetic Combination Drive” (ECD). The ECD converts sub-atomic electro-kinetic energy generated by the sinuous form of electrons within an atomically aligned conductive material into electricity. The first step of the process is through the strategic combination and balancing of electro-kinetic energy at twenty four reaction points, where the sub-atomic energy is converted into kinetic energy in the form of circular motion. The kinetic energy is then used to establish a magnetic flux within an air gap and as a result of a relative motion with the air gap flux an electrical potential is induced within a set of coils, which is called “Electricity”.


The Future of the ECD

We see the ECD device in everything from your TV to your smartphone. As we grow and new patents drive this ever-changing world, the ECD device will lead the way for energy of the future to become decentralized. You will no longer plug into the grid for electricity. Look for our device in the following industries:


Smelting Facilities
Fabrication Facilities


Electrically Powered Commercial Aircraft
Electrically Powered General Aviation Aircraft
Electrically Powered Rotorcraft
Electrically Powered Space Shuttles
Electrically Powered Drones
Electrically Powered Rockets
Electrically Powered Missiles
Flight Control Systems
Climate Control Systems
Air Traffic Control Radar Systems
Space Stations
Space Exploration
Colonization on Mars


Green House Development in Remote Locations
Farming Equipment and Implements
Food Processing and Storage Facilities
Food Storage and Transport Vehicles


Electrically Powered Automobiles
Electrically Powered Motorcycles
Electrically Powered Trucks
Electrically Powered Motorhomes


Phase 1 Details

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
30 Nov, 2022 12:00 AM 31 Jan, 2023 12:00 AM 100000000 ECD Energy Token 1 USD